Meet the world's first digital developer.

Meet your digital developer.

OpenCatapult is an open source DevOps automation tool and low code development platform that helps enterprise IT departments decrease application development time and expense while creating consistent project outcomes that win.


Do it faster

OpenCatapult speeds up the entire SDLC from resource provisioning, code templating & generation, deployment to your unique resource configuration, running of tests and other automation scripts, and easy change management through automated branching and notifications.


You be you

OpenCatapult components are highly customizable so you can configure each of them to be unique to your enterprise's specific hardware and software needs.


Do it your way

Using OpenCatapult doesn't mean you need to change your workflow. Keep your existing tools to work with your application. OpenCatapult can integrate with anything that has an API or sharable data source.


Open source

Let's collaborate for any improvements you want to see in OpenCatapult. It's open source! Please see the license.